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Diamond Seal Systems

Diamond Seal is an advanced covalent bond Nanotechnology used on the following surfaces:

  • Windows, mirrors
  • Shower doors
  • Glass table tops
  • Car windshields
  • Bus and train windows
  • Curtain walls
  • Edge and bent glass
  • Granite counter tops, granite walls
  • Glass cabinets
  • Toilets, sinks

The Diamond Seal System is used on glass surfaces to create a smooth hydrophobic easy clean surface with very high durability.

The Diamond Seal System products that we offer keep product surfaces shiny and healthy by repelling water, dust and environmental contaminants that cause corrosion, oxidation and staining.

Once applied, cleaning maintenance is reduced by 70% and use of harmful chemicals is avoided altogether.

Mirage Mirror and Glass, Inc. and Diamond Seal Systems offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty once the sealant is applied. To maintain this warranty, the use of Diamond Blue Wash and a microfiber cloth must be used once a week on the treated area.

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